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Our Process

The Corporate Connection Group’s executive search process is defined by your needs. Together, we establish the parameters for communication, time lines, position specifications, philosophy and search strategy. The process is then tailored to meet your specific needs. Six important components of the process are highlighted below:

1. Gaining Understanding. Our initial step is the most important one, as we need to learn as much as possible about your organization and its culture, the position to be filled, and the organization-community relationship.
2. Research and Recruitment of Candidates. The second step involves a thorough research effort to identify all qualified candidates based on the information collected previously. We screen numerous candidates by accessing our extensive data base, reviewing past similar assignments, contacting centers of influence and contacting individuals in similar positions. The Corporate Connection Group enjoys a very positive reputation for fair treatment of candidates. This translates into a larger number of qualified candidates accepting and returning our phone calls and actively assisting us in alerting the marketplace to your opportunity.
3. In-depth Personal Interviews. We personally interview those candidates who demonstrate the highest potential for being a good fit. During the personal interview, we will ascertain the candidate’s character, management style, goals, and other factors, which would affect the match with your organization. The candidate presentations include the resume, interview notes and information acquired through reference checks.
4. Preliminary Presentation. This involves presenting the resumes and/or profiles or the most promising candidates to you. This step is particularly helpful because a clear understanding of the corporate culture is the key to successful matchmaking. The more time we spend discussing issues and candidates, the better the understanding we develop of who will be ideal in your organization. It also allows you to assess the candidate pool and more specifically select the kind of background in which you are most interested.
5. Client Interviews. After we present the finalists, The Corporate Connection Group recruiters are available to assist in scheduling candidate interviews on-site with you and your staff.
6. Acceptance of Offer. Once you have made a decision, your Corporate Connection Group recruiter is available to assist with offer negotiations, if so desired. Because of our close relationship with our candidates, you are protected from unpleasant surprises in the negotiation stage. From the beginning, we have open, candid conversations with our candidates regarding their needs so that when an offer is extended, all issues have been addressed. The search process is concluded with a successful placement.


The Corporate Connection

P.O. Box is 1845

Rockwall, Texas 75087

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